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The Factoring Process Revealed

Factoring Money Process

A Factoring Partner that Fits

If factoring makes sense for your business, take some time to evaluate your options carefully.  While most factoring companies operate similarly, each will have certain strengths and weaknesses.  Choosing the right factoring company will greatly affect the quality of your experience.

With CSI Factoring, you can expect:
• Simple, efficient application process
• Application approval within 1 business day
• Cash disbursement 24 hours from receipt of your invoice(s)
• Accessible customer service support

Working with CSI Factoring is Simple

• Your company provides goods or services to creditworthy customers and then invoices them with a copy sent to CSI Factoring.

• CSI Factoring will fund your company between 70% - 90% of the invoiced amount within one business day. 

• Customers make payments directly to CSI Factoring according to the terms of the invoice, and CSI Factoring returns the balance of the paid invoice to your company.