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Business Receivables are Our Business

Balancing and forecasting cash flow is a challenge for any business and companies often wait 30-60 days to receive cash from their accounts receivable. When a business is facing unanticipated expenses or receivables are delayed, an immediate cash infusion becomes critical. That’s when savvy business owners turn to CSI Factoring.

If your business sells goods or provides services to creditworthy companies or government entities, you meet the CSI Factoring minimum eligibility requirements. Our invoice factoring service provides financial support with competitive rates to approved businesses with funding needs from $25,000 to $1,000,000. Once your business is approved and you submit invoices, funding typically occurs the next business day.

CSI Factoring Benefits

Applying for a loan is time consuming and banks are not always willing to lend. Businesses – especially small or high growth businesses - do not have the luxury or time for the application process because they need money fast. A smart and reliable option is invoice factoring.

• Accelerate your cash flow
• Obtain working capital without incurring debt
• No limits or caps
• Quick and convenient

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